About Rose’s Bowls

photo of Rose

Hi, and welcome to Rose’s Bowls. My name is Rose, and I’m a bit of a foodie. Although I work in IT, my passion is cooking and creating my own vegan recipes. I also am very interested in food culture, and whenever I travel or meet people from different cultures, I try to learn about foods that carry meaning. I started this blog as a way to share my recipes, which I often serve in a bowl!

Born and raised in the Netherlands, I attended an international college program, where I met people from countries such as Egypt, Pakistan, Italy, France and Syria. I learned many recipes from friends and their family members, which had a tremendous effect on my cooking. I also started learning about nutrition and health, as well as the ethics behind the food industry, which led me to go fully vegan in 2018. I try to find the right balance between staying true to recipes that can reasonably be made vegan, and using recipes as an inspiration for a new, healthy, vegan dish.